The first promotion of Master’s degree in “Biomedical Engineering”

In the current session, during two days, at the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics, under the guidance of professors from department Microelectronics and Biomedical engineering V.ŞONTEA, S. RAILEAN, I.POCAZNOI V. VOVC, B. MIRONOV and university professor N.PALLIKARAKIS (University of Patras, Greece), sixteen master’s degree students from group IBM-151M, enrolled to study program in "Biomedical Engineering developed under the Project „Tempus Medical Engineering Education Initiative in Eastern Neighbourhood Area” (BME-ENA), which brings together a consortium of 18 universities in 14 states.

They have developed master’s thesis with the following topics, submitted in the theoretical and applicative researches theme, performed within the project BME-ENA:

  • Methods and techniques for processing fingerprint data;
  • Methods and techniques for digital pulse oximetry;
  • Developing the device for stress assessment and monitoring;
  • Developing the device for reading and transmitting information from the health card;
  • Contributions regarding methods of contours detecting in medical images;
  • Developing the endoscopy capsule;
  • Contributions to the efficient use of cardiovascular diagnostic devices;
  • Information system for the management of bioengineering department at the level of medical institution;
  • Methods and techniques for continuous monitoring of the fetus intrauterine condition;
  • Contributions to the efficient use of medical imaging devices;
  • Medical device management at the level of medical institution;
  • Developing the device for monitoring the level of radiation;
  • Developing physiotherapy device with DC;
  • Wireless system of monitoring the blood oxygenation and heart rate;
  • Developing the complex e-vigilance system integrated into the health system of the Republic of Moldova;
  • Contributions to improving the procurement process of medical devices in Moldova;
  • Contributions to improving the of health technologies management in Moldova;

On the occasion of the conclusion of successful studies, Ph.D. Associate Professor Valentin AMARIEI, TUM vice rector, Ph.D. Associate Professor Ion BALMUŞ, dean of FCIM, University Professor, Doctor Habilitatus Victor VOVC, University Professor, Doctor Habilitatus Viorel NACU, chairman of the examination of master’s theses, Gheorghe GORCEAG, deputy head of department of medicines and medical devices from Ministry of Health, held speeches of congratulation addressed to recent graduates, reminding them that the institutions of the healthcare system from Republic of Moldova is waiting them with open arms to apply the full knowledge gained during master studies.

At the awarding ceremony of master’s certificates, University Professor Victor ŞONTEA, Head of the Department of Microelectronics and Biomedical Engineering, wanted to mention that the current promotion is the result of the partnership between TUM, USMF „N. Testemiţanu” and the ministry, who is called to prepare specialists in biomedical engineering – main link in medicine merger with technological advances and to provide high quality services for healthcare act.

We are pleased, added dr. V. ŞONTEA, that for the first time an entirely group of master’s students from TUM, have studied and conducted researches according to a master’s program, developed and validated in an international project. The relevance of the topics researched and the high level of investigations carried denotes the fact, that most of the theses were rated with the highest ratings and some of them may constitute sections of a PhD thesis.