The experts evaluate financed projects by EU

Since the founding of the National Office TEMPUS,  22 years ago, at UTM  were implemented 26 projects financed by the EU, said hab. doctor, teacher, Mrs. Larisa Bugaian, UTM deputy-rector for international relations, at  the official meeting with the team of experts from the European Commission for Education, Culture, Youth and Sports:dr. Jörn DOSCH, professor at the University of Rostock, Germany, and Jana BOBOKOVA, project manager in the audit company „Particip GmbH”, arrived to assess the effectiveness of implemented projects in our country.

Participants at the meeting – formers and currents coordinators of projects that benefited UTM, dr., univ. prof. Petru TODOS, UTM deputy rector for studies, dr., Associate university  Professor. Valentin AMARIEI, vice-rector UTM, and  dr.,  univ. proff.  Victor ȘONTEA, Head of  of microelectronics and semiconductor devices department of FCIM,  they  wanted to highlight that due the program  TEMPUS, Technical University was aligned at the Bologna principles  process on multiple levelsincluding synchronizing the requirements and demands of higher education in the EU, the reforming  and modernization of engineering education, the actualisation of  the content of study plans and of offered courses, the implementation of  the new system of diplomas and their annexes, developing university system to ensure quality teaching and learning, the stucturing of  higher education based on three cycles (bachelor, master, doctorate),  the developing of  trening system  online, and  education in biomedical engineering, the  recognition of qualifications and periods of study, academic mobility for teachers and students, continuous training as part of lifelong education, services  developement  in  the University Center for Continuing Education and University Center for Information and Career Guidance, continuous improvement of human resources,  strengthening institutional capacities  endowment with modern equipment, the  developing of  partnerships with the business environment, the  consolidation of university autonomy, Student-centered learning etc.

At the meeting were present Tatiana LUCINSCHI, Head of  international cooperational service, and  Galina ȘELARI, executive director of the  Strategic investigating  center  and reforms.